New and Improved
August 17th, 2014

A handful of major improvements were completed to this website over the last couple days. Mainly, this site is now utilizing a fluid layout.  Meaning it can be easily viewed from any size device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop) without any significant complications. You could even test it out now if you wish.  Just drag one side of your browser window and watch the website try to fit the content within the limited confines of your newly resized browser. It’s fun.

Along with the fluid layout, I changed the DocType to HTML5 which was pretty easy to do. HTML5 will allow for me to utilize a whole new bag of tricks. In theory that is. Some other minor fixes or changes are as follows; New layout for the comment section. Comment section now employs Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatars). Modified the look of the meta section at the bottom of each post. Added a share button section, within the individual posts (I didn’t want to clutter the main blog). Fixed a few bugs that were appearing with the Highslide JavaScript code. Added a subtle divider line to help separate the meta section from the main post. Changed the Contact page to be uniform with the rest of the site. Changed the Portfolio page to be uniform with the rest of the site. Set up a site index for Google. Hmmm…

I have a much shorter list of things to do now. This makes me happy. Next step: Add content. :)

New York, New York
January 23rd, 2014

Just a couple of photos from my New York City trip. I didn’t take too many photos outside of all the art museums I visited. Why do we even bother taking photos of the artwork in art museums? I guarantee there’s a better quality version on the internet to look upon. I will also believe you when you tell me that you’ve been there or that you’ve seen that particular painting in person. Yet we can’t help ourselves. It’s like we take ownership of our very own Starry Night. One worth absolutely nothing and not worth looking at ever again. But here it is. I’ve seen it. I’ve got the proof.

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Notice the world of distractions in which we live.


Annoyances Inherent in the System
June 20th, 2013

Call me crazy but I’m actually pondering the possibility of restructuring my blog (the one you are reading now).  It utilizes Wordpress frameworks and because of a few constant annoyances, I’m considering switching to a Tumblr framework.  See I have had *UPDATE!* a few problems *UPDATE!* with WordPress *UPDATE!* for some time now *UPDATE!* and it doesn’t *UPDATE!* seem like it’s getting *UPDATE!* any better *UPDATE!* which is too bad because *UPDATE!* I really enjoy the *50 SPAM COMMENTS!* customization capabilities.  It’s almost as annoying as Apple’s App Store. For fuck sake, I wish there was a ‘NEVER UPDATE APPS EVER AGAIN’ button. I don’t need the same application to update three separate times in one day. /RAGE Quit.

This modification would be a long and treacherous journey and if I ever decided to take that first step I would want to also make sure that I have the best domain name available. I’ve owned and utilized about 12 different websites thus far and I’ve never been satisfied with any of them.  I’m still in search for the Holy Grail of domain names.  My fountain of youth.  I’m afraid that I’m just in search of a myth.

In looking for an improved domain name, I came across my e-twins located at,, and  I feel a weird obligatory connection to these guys and I want to help them with their (certainly dark and sinister) pursuits.  My .com brother is a “children’s performer and singer/songwriter who combines music, movement, storytelling and character puppets to create an experience that keeps kids engaged and adults entertained.”  Great, looks like this AndyZ won’t be giving up his domain name/source of income anytime soon.  And lastly I can’t help but feel like an NSA official as I look through my last two e-brothers personal photo albums.

More importantly, I have recently purchased a small server.  So I’ve had all kinds of fun playing around with and setting up different features like media sharing and the ability to host games on a separate pc.  Someday I will just host this website on my dedicated server.  That is if my ISP doesn’t block port 80. So in summary, I need to write more. Where and how should I do this? Perhaps I will know someday.

Burning Man Panorama #1 – Center Camp
April 18th, 2013

At some point last year, I attempted to take a series of panoramic photos in hopes to capture the constant chaos and creativity that ensues during the week-long event that is Burning Man. I took these ‘panoramic’ photos the wrong way in that these photos are all circling the camera body and not the lens of the camera in turn creating a warping/fish eye effect. I patched them together the best I could and it doesn’t look too bad (unless you look at the carpet). There’s somewhere between 10-20 different photos all being used in this panorama. Editing photos is like being a plastic surgeon. The better the surgeon you are, the less scars and disfigurement your clients will have post-op. I might get sued after this surgery however.

It’s a very large file and will no way fit in the narrow confines of my website’s layout so you will have to expand the image after clicking on the thumbnail. I will work on just posting it to a blank page. Also note that fast-moving individuals were captured between photos and are represented as duplicates or ‘twins’. Enjoy.

Burning Man Panorama 1

I have one more decent panorama from Burning Man I will post so stay tuned.

Crystal Bridges Art Museum
February 26th, 2013

All the photos below originate from my recent trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. (664px width)

Crystal Bridges Art Walk

This fixed picture frame was discovered along some trail outside the art museum. Of course I felt the need to edit away the structure that supports it so that it looks like it’s floating.

The Tulip House

The Tulip House from which the mysterious picture frame, framed. An interesting metallic, alien form amidst the forest.

Roxy Paine: Yield

Roxy Paine: Yield
Located immediately outside the museum entrance. I would have preferred it to be located in the middle of the forest however. An exotic variation to the norm.

Evan Penny Old Self: Portrait of the Artist as He Will (Not) Be. Variation #2

Evan Penny
Old Self: Portrait of the Artist as He Will (Not) Be. Variation #2
By far one of the coolest works at the entire museum. Seeing is believing at how amazingly detailed and truly realistic this structure is. I believe this is what they call Hyper-realistic Sculpture. I def want to see more of the kind soon.


Five separate photos patched together to make this interesting vertical panoramic. The hardest part was the blending of the tree line around where the sun started to silhouette the trees. Not too bad though.

Day 4: Let the Effigies Burn!
November 3rd, 2012

The night the effigies got set a blaze was a magical one. Prior to sunset, I made it a point to ride around the CORE circle and visit each art installment individually before they ceased to be. There’s something incredibly amazing about putting your blood sweat and tears into a project only to allow your creation to not exist moments later. Nothing is permanent in the world. One should tap in to the higher realm of creativity. Allow this source to flow through your mind’s eye and through your finger tips. Create, admire, grow but also allow for the crashing waves of time to take away.

My favorite image is the last one in the gallery below. Two complete strangers being unified through this spiritual act of creation and destruction.

Day 1: Pilgrimage
Day 2: The Invisible Circus
Day 3: Solace
Day 5: No Camera Day (coming soon!)
Day 6: The Man Burns! (coming soon!)
Day 7: Departure (coming soon!)