Waterloo Air Show
October 26th, 2011

A cloudy day at the Waterloo Air Show. Gawking at gawkers. A surprise attack from the winged angels. Melancholy mood.

I’m about two full months behind on editing and uploading any photos taken during my random adventures and photo shoots.  The Waterloo Air Show (that took place in August 2011) was pleasantly humble.  The sky was full of interesting cloud formations that I couldn’t help but photograph. These gray skies are a nice change for me, considering I tend to capture rich, deep, dark blue skies in every other picture.

There are two types of people who I enjoy watching when I go to these types of events (considering I have no interest in flying or aviation in general).  First and foremost the overly excited children ooh’ing and ahh’ing at every passing jet and the second group being the fully grown, dorky men with their safari outfits, knee-high white socks and binoculars who are also equipped with an uncanny ability to name and recite lengthy amounts of information about any and all flying contraptions.  God bless America.

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