April 25th, 2012

For the last few weeks, my fellow classmates have been frantically researching and writing our WAC After 1400 term paper in regards to a work of art specific to them and their interests. They have all been toiling away in the Art Library, hunched over stacks of ancient manuscripts, scouring untold pages, scrawling down fragments of information, all to finish their obligations accurately and on time. But not me! I’ve been working on something completely different. I’ve been wasting my time on silhouettes.

Yes, you read that correctly. Silhouettes. I possess great interest in retracing the advent of Photography as well as the complete history of art in general. The creation of a silhouette portrait will be one of many self-portraits I will aspire to in replicating for myself. Partly out of boredom but mostly due to my own narcissism. (Not all of them will be uploaded here however.)

I took a photo of myself from the side (of course). Transferred it. Uploaded it. Traced it. Layered it. Posted it. Take a look. This is incredibly easy to do if you want one for yourself.

After ‘Googling’ some other people’s silhouette images, I was inspired to print one of these off and frame it. Just like if I were alive in the 1800’s. And damn do I look good. I would have preferred finding a circular/oval picture frame but apparently those don’t exist in Iowa. I also don’t have the coloring right, just yet.

Do you see the (ugly) vase?

Inspired by Jenny Lee Fowler's custom leaf silhouettes ( My leaf was digitally created but her's are actual leaves. Pretty neat. Also note that I used a tomato leaf infected with blight for my portrait. ;)

The best photo of myself yet!





1. Leaf idea: Jenny Lee Fowler
2. Leaf image source: National Science Foundation
3. PS Flannel Patterns:

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