Annoyances Inherent in the System
June 20th, 2013

Call me crazy but I’m actually pondering the possibility of restructuring my blog (the one you are reading now).  It utilizes Wordpress frameworks and because of a few constant annoyances, I’m considering switching to a Tumblr framework.  See I have had *UPDATE!* a few problems *UPDATE!* with WordPress *UPDATE!* for some time now *UPDATE!* and it doesn’t *UPDATE!* seem like it’s getting *UPDATE!* any better *UPDATE!* which is too bad because *UPDATE!* I really enjoy the *50 SPAM COMMENTS!* customization capabilities.  It’s almost as annoying as Apple’s App Store. For fuck sake, I wish there was a ‘NEVER UPDATE APPS EVER AGAIN’ button. I don’t need the same application to update three separate times in one day. /RAGE Quit.

This modification would be a long and treacherous journey and if I ever decided to take that first step I would want to also make sure that I have the best domain name available. I’ve owned and utilized about 12 different websites thus far and I’ve never been satisfied with any of them.  I’m still in search for the Holy Grail of domain names.  My fountain of youth.  I’m afraid that I’m just in search of a myth.

In looking for an improved domain name, I came across my e-twins located at,, and  I feel a weird obligatory connection to these guys and I want to help them with their (certainly dark and sinister) pursuits.  My .com brother is a “children’s performer and singer/songwriter who combines music, movement, storytelling and character puppets to create an experience that keeps kids engaged and adults entertained.”  Great, looks like this AndyZ won’t be giving up his domain name/source of income anytime soon.  And lastly I can’t help but feel like an NSA official as I look through my last two e-brothers personal photo albums.

More importantly, I have recently purchased a small server.  So I’ve had all kinds of fun playing around with and setting up different features like media sharing and the ability to host games on a separate pc.  Someday I will just host this website on my dedicated server.  That is if my ISP doesn’t block port 80. So in summary, I need to write more. Where and how should I do this? Perhaps I will know someday.

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