Burning Man Panorama #1 – Center Camp
April 18th, 2013

At some point last year, I attempted to take a series of panoramic photos in hopes to capture the constant chaos and creativity that ensues during the week-long event that is Burning Man. I took these ‘panoramic’ photos the wrong way in that these photos are all circling the camera body and not the lens of the camera in turn creating a warping/fish eye effect. I patched them together the best I could and it doesn’t look too bad (unless you look at the carpet). There’s somewhere between 10-20 different photos all being used in this panorama. Editing photos is like being a plastic surgeon. The better the surgeon you are, the less scars and disfigurement your clients will have post-op. I might get sued after this surgery however.

It’s a very large file and will no way fit in the narrow confines of my website’s layout so you will have to expand the image after clicking on the thumbnail. I will work on just posting it to a blank page. Also note that fast-moving individuals were captured between photos and are represented as duplicates or ‘twins’. Enjoy.

Burning Man Panorama 1

I have one more decent panorama from Burning Man I will post so stay tuned.

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