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2012 Bucketlist
December 31st, 2011

LISTS! Things I want to see or do this year. So if you want to hang out, plan on attending one or more of these events with me. :D

Iowa City/Iowa/Ill Things
Gamicon Phi. Feb 10 – Feb 12. Be nerdy.
Chicago Film Festival. Feb 23 – 26
Iowa State Fair. Aug 09 – 19
Gun Range – Shoot things. Feel powerful. Photo Op.
Attend a Gun Show
Get a license to carry. Prepare for Government take over.
Find a driving range. Hit golf balls.
Take a fencing class with Courtney! (Done!)
Climb rock wall at Rec Center.
Art Institute of Chicago (Visit) (Visit Again!)
Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago (Visit)
Field Museum (Visit again)
Saint Louis Art Museum
Des Moines Art Center.
Take a yoga class.

I’m still poor so I can’t afford to leave the country just yet but here are some US bound events I definitely want to try and experience this year.

Burning Man . Sep 01. Black Rock City, Nevada. Tickets: $240-$420 (Tickets Purchased!)

Crystal Bridges Art Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. Anytime.

Attend one of the U of Iowa Recreational trips. I’m not sure if I want to Kayak the Everglades or rock climb just yet but anything they do would be cool.

Feel free to throw any other ideas my way.