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In The Beginning…
September 27th, 2012

Recently I’ve been really interested in starting a local podcast for the Iowa City area. One that is adult in humor and not your typical student radio broadcast (snore-fest).  I can not attain this goal alone however. I will need to assemble a small group of people all interested in making this vision become a reality.  Also because I have probably one of the worst radio voices anyone has ever heard of, I will need at least two smooth-talking, comedic personalities to be the stars of the show. I plan on just popping in and out of the conversation at random, interjecting my ignorance whenever possible.

I felt that in order to find these necessary contributors, I needed to do some design work first and foremost. I started out with sketching out a few logo designs and whipping the idea up in Illustrator. Because I’m completely unoriginal with naming anything, I settled with IC Cast (short for Iowa City Podcast). Clever I know.

IC Cast Logo Sketches.

Here is what was created.  I am somewhat happy with my first attempt although I can’t say I’m entirely pleased with the “C”. I was considering making it into a backpack but it started to look too busy. Also the color of the IC was chosen at random. I contemplated making it black and gold to fit the Iowa City theme. Any criticisms you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Next I will work on creating some flyers to post around campus and possibly a basic website where people can go to gather some more information if desired.  Hopefully this will produce the necessary individuals I need to go to the next level of production. Email me if you are interested in contributing to the cause!