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One More Step

I recently returned to this idea of a podcast for the Iowa City area. In my sudden onset of enthusiasm for the project, I went ahead and created a Facebook Page and Facebook Group. The group is for those who might be interested in helping with the project giving those select few a place to openly discuss topics and ideas. The Facebook Page merely for PR purposes for when there is actually a podcast to promote.

Greetings and Salutations

This site was crafted in hopes that a small group of people would be interested in coming together and establishing a local podcast for the Iowa City area. I've been a devoted listener to many a podcasts since the advent. During this time of listenership, never did I consider venturing down the treacherous path of making a podcast myself. That is until I heard Kevin Smith give a speech at a Comic-Con that I started to formulate any interest in producing a podcast of my very own. This speech, from which I heard via podcast, was highly inspirational. It inspired me enough at least to make this site and to begin the search for possible contributors such as yourself. Here we are at the beginning of something that will most likely be practically unprofitable and significantly time consuming. Nonetheless, I have high hopes that what will be produced at the end of the day will be extremely entertaining and highly informative to listeners within a 50 mile radius around Iowa City and Coralville, Iowa.

I recently sat in on a overview session held by the local KRUI radio station and although the idea of being on the air and being broadcasted to a much larger audience seemed like a good time, I was more interested in saying what I wanted to say (curse words and so on and so forth) in a environment that I could feel more comfortable at (alcohol consumption will be a must) without the fear of the FCC bringing the hammer down on me because of some silly law. The KRUI radio station, even with their awesome organization of people and ideas, could not satisfy these desires.

Let us create a weekly, one hour long (or more) show that will discuss current events (both locally and nationally), review movies that play at local theatres such as the Bijou and discuss the bands that play at the 10,000+ bars found through out Iowa City. I'd also be interested in reviewing local restaurants and interviewing the locals. One important objective that I would be interested in accomplishing is inviting a different guest in to the studio each and every week. Locals will be welcomed! Let us hear you give your stories and voice your opinions on what matters to you.

Who we will need

Marketing: Advertisements, promotions, public relations.

Design: Web site, posters, stickers.

Research - Planning, scripts, schedule, news.

Production - Recording, editing. uploading, hosting, transcribing.

Legal - Making sure we remain "legal". Terms of use, copyrights, contracts.

What we will need

A recording studio. A comfortable place we can record where people are welcome to come and go and quite possibly consume alcohol.

Highquality Microphones

Mixing board, Headphones. Other recording necessities. etc.

If you are interested in filling one or many of these slots or you have something we need, please email me at