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In The Beginning…
September 27th, 2012

Recently I’ve been really interested in starting a local podcast for the Iowa City area. One that is adult in humor and not your typical student radio broadcast (snore-fest).  I can not attain this goal alone however. I will need to assemble a small group of people all interested in making this vision become a reality.  Also because I have probably one of the worst radio voices anyone has ever heard of, I will need at least two smooth-talking, comedic personalities to be the stars of the show. I plan on just popping in and out of the conversation at random, interjecting my ignorance whenever possible.

I felt that in order to find these necessary contributors, I needed to do some design work first and foremost. I started out with sketching out a few logo designs and whipping the idea up in Illustrator. Because I’m completely unoriginal with naming anything, I settled with IC Cast (short for Iowa City Podcast). Clever I know.

IC Cast Logo Sketches.

Here is what was created.  I am somewhat happy with my first attempt although I can’t say I’m entirely pleased with the “C”. I was considering making it into a backpack but it started to look too busy. Also the color of the IC was chosen at random. I contemplated making it black and gold to fit the Iowa City theme. Any criticisms you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Next I will work on creating some flyers to post around campus and possibly a basic website where people can go to gather some more information if desired.  Hopefully this will produce the necessary individuals I need to go to the next level of production. Email me if you are interested in contributing to the cause!

Podcast Heaven
October 11th, 2011

PodcastsThere’s nothing better than waking up early, before the sun has risen, getting in the car and driving into the mist of the morning dew, sipping on your freshly brewed coffee, and listening to TALK RADIO! I’m the type of guy who would rather flip over to the AM channels or listen to a nice talk show than listen to the same 20 songs continuously repeated on a standard music radio station.

Don’t get me wrong, however, I love music! I cannot stress this enough. If I were the last man on earth and no hope was left, as long as I had music to keep me company, everything would be all right and my life would continue to be worthy of living.

But back to my original point… Ever since the discovery of the wonderful world of podcasts many years ago, I want to believe my fulfillment in life has doubled exponentially. Not only do I want my life to improve but also I want your life to improve by experiencing all that I have learned and felt from podcasts. There are many wonderful podcasts but I’m only going to list a select few that I would consider as holy as the second coming of Christ. Listen and enjoy!


I would not consider myself a History Buff by any means but the way Dan Carlin recounts the stories of the past and explains the time periods on which he focuses, one could not deny the passion he has for his field of study and the art he crafts. I could listen to this guy all day long tell of an age many eons ago and feel like I’m living it myself. Dan Carlin has also got a decent political and current events podcasts called Common Sense. I listen to that one as well. ( dancarlin.com )


I find myself so enthralled when a good storyteller tells me their story. I seem to forget everything else around me and hang on to every word. Some of the stories told here on The Moth podcast are incredibly sad and some are so unbelievably uplifting. “The Moth features people telling true, engaging, funny, touching, and eye-opening stories from their lives.” ( themoth.org )


I would not be able to praise this show enough. Their shows and discussions amaze and inspire me in every way possible. Even better is that they don’t settle on one single point of view but rather state the evidence and allow you as the listener to form your own conclusions, meanwhile they manipulate and conjure these amazing sounds from every day life that spark memories and feelings deep down inside your soul! Anyway, listen to every one of their shows and then soon afterwards, sell everything you own and give the money you gathered to this group of amazing people. You can thank me later. ( radiolab.org )

Other wonderful podcasts if those three don’t quench your thirst.

  • Etsy ( etsy.com )  – Short videos of amazingly interesting people doing what they do best. Most are artful, others are ‘how to’ videos. I’ve learned a bit on the art of shaving from one of these wonderful videos.
  • Keith and the Girl ( keithandthegirl.com ) – A comedic (now ex)couple based out of New York City that I listened from Show 1-500 where I soon got overwhelmed by other things in my life and sadly had to stop investing the time. Keith and the Girl is a hilarious, down to earth show. I almost feel like I know these people personally yet they have no idea who I am. I would especially listen if I were living in or around New York City.
  • TEDtalks ( ted.com ) – Hopefully every one already knows what this is. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual convention bringing together some of the greatest thinkers of this day and age, in to one large room, and having them discuss the best way to improve life in parts and as a whole.   “The annual TED conferences, in Long Beach/Palm Springs and Edinburgh, bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less).” (from their site)
  • Filmspotting ( filmspotting.net ) – My necessary and favorite film discussion podcast. Two great guys discuss the ins and outs of new and older movies with much passion and expertise. Only problem is that I can’t keep up with all the movies they watch and I watch a ton of movies!
  • Free Talk Live ( freetalklive.com ) – FTL is a great podcast for those few extreme libertarians and all libertarians or political nuts in general. I laugh at their extreme view points and their crazy hijinks.

All podcasts are searchable on iTunes or any other podcast feed service.
Enjoy and feel free to recommend me some of your favorite podcasts!