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Street Art Matters
November 7th, 2011

Location: E Market, N Gilbert, E Jefferson, N Linn.

150 Fly(?) territory? I saw this image everywhere. I have no idea what 150 fly means but ‘Fly 150’ is a scooter (thanks to Google search).

Other Places of Interest:

  • T.Spoons!
    My second favorite coffee shop here in Iowa City and that’s mostly because of the ambience and the comfortable couches. Plus the Market Street T.Spoons is the closest coffee shop to where I live. A great place to work on homework for up to a maximum of 2 hours because that’s all internet WiFi one Caramel Macchiato (overly sweet = delicious) drink will allow you. (bummer) After that I just wander over to my number one favorite coffee shop and that is the Prairie Light Books Cafe to where I stay for the rest of the day drinking cappuccinos and surfing the net. The T.Spoons in the Old Capital Mall seems both cramped and uncomfortable.
  • Motley Cow Cafe
    I have yet to experience the food here. (pending)
  • R.S.V.P.
    Purveyor of pretty paper products and sundries nestled in Iowa City’s Northside Neighborhood
  • El Bandito
    Five dollars will get you 1 taco. lol’s. It was a damn good taco but I left hungry cause I’m poor.
  • Artifacts
    Your source for vintage furniture, clothing, jewelry, and chotchkies. Great store.
  • Decorum (& Modela)
    Another wonderful little antique store.

Update: My continued explorations have revealed a lot more of these HD Ghost and 150 Fly tags all over Iowa City!  What do they mean?!  (11/30/2011)

http://iowacitygraffiti.tumblr.com = A great tumblr blog on Iowa City Graffiti. Looks like my work here is done. :P

November 5th, 2011

Discovered in one of the many men's bathrooms on the second floor of the University Library.Found on the steps of the old Art Building. (from three posts ago)

Look familiar?!

I love the idea that there is an individual walking around town quickly scribing their trademark on any place of importance. Sacred locations perhaps. I envision these are a self-portrait of a man who goes by the name of “Bear”. I’ll be on the lookout for an odd-looking man with a cool stash. In fact now that I think back, I totally saw him at the Chait Gallery tonight. I should have interrogated him.

This new discovery made me wonder how many more of these hidden treasures are out there! I made a quick google search of ‘Iowa City Graffiti’. At least one recognizable image (for me) turned up.

Photo courtesy of Adrianne Behning. 2009. Iowa Ave.A photo I took at the Old Capital Mall on October 7th, 2011. (Sad?) Listen.

Considering the Old Capital Mall houses the School of Music, I’m pretty sure it belongs. Why didn’t I listen? I bet if I were to stop and listen like the picture is trying to tell me, I would hear the students playing above.

I’m going to scour this town for more! I’m going to explore every building, bathroom, and basement. Every alleyway and rooftop. I will take pictures of anything and everything. And I will do this all very soon.

1. Adrianne Behning’s photo via Flickr.