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Day 3: Solace
November 2nd, 2012

Temple of Juno. Burning Man 2012.

By day three, I started seeing less of the sights and started to see more of the people. I spent much of this day taking stalker shots of the Burning Man attendees from a distance. Each and every one of them was beautiful in their own way and I couldn’t get enough of them. So now I have a stockpile of random people’s faces as they watch a show or interact in a event. Maybe I’ll make a collage of them some day.

The Temple of Juno. The Temple was still being perfected earlier in the week so my first visit wasn’t until day three. For those who don’t know, the temple is a yearly recurring highlight of Burning Man that usually is a main hub for highly emotional interactions. Often times, many individuals or groups of people will leave keepsakes, notes, scrawling’s of literature and imagery, etc. in remembrance of those who are no longer with us or will be leaving this world far too soon. This year, the entirety of the temple, shrine and outer gate structure was built (almost) completely out of highly intricate tracery cut wood. The scene was absolutely breathtaking and especially so while being softy illuminated at night. The swirling emotions located within these holy walls left an even more powerful impression. No one person could enter these premises and not feel a fragment of sorrow. The Temple goes up in flame on the last day of Burning Man and with it, an ocean of emotion, I imagine. We left early before the Temple’s burn, so we got to miss out on needing to hide the fact that we were going to cry in front of each other. Darn sand in the eyes.

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