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Thank You Albrecht Dürer
February 17th, 2012

Albrecht Durer's SignatureI love the way Albrecht Dürer signed a great number of his works of art. His initials so elegant, so simple, so exact and yet he used slight variations in style with each print or painting. Dürer, a master of his trade(s), produced some of the most amazing works of art in history. I love his signature so much that I stole assimilated it for myself. And yet my clunky Adobe Illustrator version (below) still can not compare to the simplicity and genius of his typography. A Germanic version of Roman lettering.

With my version, I plan on using it simply as a watermark for photographs.  Small and hopefully unnoticeable so that it doesn’t take away from the viewing pleasure of the actual photograph. I dislike large watermarks. When people use large watermarks, I tend to notice the watermark more than the actual photo. Take a look at my (re)creation.

Andy Z's

Because I wanted it to be small, I felt that increasing the thickness of the lettering would make it more legible.  The exact size is yet to be determined.

Would you consider this more a consecration or a desecration?

: My new favicon 

2/14 – Update: So I made one almost exactly like his.

Albrecht Durer Inspiration